Florida Young Naturists - ages 18-30

FYN 1-year Anniverary Bake Sale  Haulover Beach 2/14/10

 FYN crew at Macarthur Beach, August 2009 (above)
group at Haulover Beach 2009 (below)
FYN was formed on Valentine's Day in 2009. 
As of April 2013, FYN has about 250 members and has attracted hundreds of young adults to the movement. 

FYN hosts the biggest events for young naturists anywhere in the world! Events feature live music, workshops, body painting, bonfires, camping, drum circles, beach trips, private parties and much more!

The Florida Young Naturists (FYN) are a network of young people throughout the US, ages 18-30. Events are planned year round in naturist/nudist and clothing-optional settings throughout Florida. You do not have to be a Florida resident to attend our events and gatherings. We are open to singles or couples and do not discriminate against race, religion, sexual orientation or anything else that makes you who you are. Come out and enjoy life naturally!

The goal of this site is to invite and inform young people about naturism. Naturism promotes freedom and body acceptance. It's saying to one's self- this is my body, I am not ashamed of it. The freedom of being nude in nature and in the elements brings one a child-like feeling.Naturism is a beautiful way of life that can be enjoyed at locations across America and the world. Lucky for us, Florida is a particularly great climate to practice this natural lifestyle. Ask yourself: what good is a bathing suit in the hot sun and refreshing water of summer? It sticks to the body, collects sand and causes unnatural tan lines. If you have never been in a naturist environment, perhaps you have at least experienced the freedom of skinny dipping. Imagine that freedom at the beach, by the pool, while kayaking, swimming, hiking or camping. Imagine no more, experience it! Once you've experienced naturism, you realize how truly freeing and natural it is.
-Robbe White, Founder, Florida Young Naturists
cypress cove resort. 2008
yoga in the butterfly garden @sunsport gardens. 2009 
"making love" on macarthur beach. 2009